Mentorship with Dr. Echenberg

Mentorship with Dr. Echenberg

Dr. Echenberg offers a 3 day teaching program for all professionals on a one to one basis as a "mini-course" in diagnosis and treatments of all pelvic, genital and sexual pain disorders.  He has had physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and physical therapists already spend from 1 - 3 days learning from him under observation of direct patient care in his office in Bethlehem, PA.    Click here for downloading information about professional mentorship.

All practitioners who have participated in this teaching excercise have stated how valuable this experience has been for their individual learning about these pelvic pain issues and their ability to practice much more effectively with their own challenging patients. 

We highly recommend all of you with these disorders who wish to have your practitioners learn what to do for you by informing them of this opportunity.  Any doctor, nurse, PT or any other practitioner can find out direct information on how to apply for this mentorship by contacting our office at and asking to be sent specific information on this valuable program.  

Here are what practioners have said about this experience:

"I had the privilege of working with Dr. Echenberg for 3 days and the experience proved to be the most valuable educational time I have ever experienced.  It was far more valuable than any conference I have ever attended.  I came in with an intense interest in the treatment of chronic pelvic pain.  I was having some success but felt I was lacking in some essentials.  It did not take long for me to see a clearer vision of how to care for these complex patients. 

I was impressed with the time Dr. .Echenberg takes to get to know the patient.  Then, during the treatment phase, he spemds a lot of time educating the patients.   Certainly, he utilizes therapies to treat specific pain generators in the pelvis.  Most of these are known therapies, but it is always interesting to see how they are being employed in specific patients. 

It is his understanding of the pathophysiology of chronic pain which was most illuminating.  He discusses the contribution of life traumas, how seemingly innocuoous events and episodes can push the pain patient over the edge, and then how to go about 'unwinding' the patient.  He delivers his care with great humility, patience, and empathy.  Though there are a few miraculous transformations, the care is otherwise gritty.  There are no easy answers and patients who have spent years winding into their current state are looking at a potentially protracted course to resolve their issues.  Some will fall off as happens, and revert to their baseline, others will require prolonged maintenance therapy to keep them functional.  I got to see all of these things.  I would strongly recommend this mentorship to anybody interested in improving their knowledge and care of their chronic pelvic pain patients."

Scott Russell, MD, FACOG

Gynecologist in Colorado Springs, CO

"Through this mini-course, Dr. Echenberg demonstrated that neuroscience centrally informs his practice that relieves chronic pelvic pain.  A seasoned physician with a wealth of knowledge and skills, he weaves compassion and careful listening into his novel approach to relieving pain.  

By offering this mini-course, Dr. Echenberg shares his seventeen year expertise and perspective in relieving pelvic pain.  Graduates have a proven platform to launch their own practices to care for women in chronic pain.  

It was a priviege to observe his care for patients who effusively expressed their gratitude for Dr. Echenberg and his care.

Barbara Good

Certified Nurse Midwife in Lancaster, PA

“Spending several days with Dr. Echenberg was one of the best things that I have done for my career and for my patients. He uses current pain management concepts and has a very effective way of treating patients with [pelvic pain], that previous providers had not been able to [successfully] treat.

While he was seeing patients, he was also teaching me and took the time to answer all of my questions. It was a wonderful experience and a worthwhile investment. I highly recommend this to anyone who takes care of patients with chronic pelvic and sexual pain.”

Kris Christiansen, MD

Sexual Medicine Physician,   St. Louis Park, Minnesota


“Dr. Echenberg has such passion and commitment to helping women and men with pelvic pain. Knowing it is hard for patients to find help, he is eager to share his knowledge with physicians. Observing his compassion with his patients as well as seeing his skills in providing multiple peripheral nerve blocks and bladder treatments was so helpful. He showed me how and where to check for these issues and gave me direct information on treatment details. He also provided me with many resources on pelvic and chronic pain in general. He is a great teacher and learning from him was a wonderful experience.”

 Marah Mattheus-Kairys, MD - Family Practice physician – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to observe you for the day.  You are an excellent teacher to your patients and even to me.  It’s incredible how you have been able to give people back their life after years of pain.  I hope your unique model of compassionate and effective care can be carried forward by other practitioners.”

Danielle Knippenberg, MPT, GCS, PRPC – Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist – Bucks County, PA

"Thank you so much for your hospitality and the opportunity to spend the day seeing the work that you do.  After seeing how grateful your clients are, the value of your work is undeniable in how it helps and saves lives!"

Ilyssa Boseski, MSW, MEd    Counselor for Sexual Therapy, Trauma and PTSD and traumatic brain injury for men and women

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